Check in/out

Check in

To check in at our Arena Hotel, please fill out our Online registration form .

This is necessary to comply with the Federal Registration Act to do justice and give you the to be able to waive tourism contribution for business stays.

Our reception is currently not permanently manned due to the pandemic situation and therefore also the occupancy.
If you arrive during reception hours, you can do this with our colleagues as usual.

If you arrive outside of our reception hours, please use our check-in machine at the back of the building. There you can pay, receive your room card and receipt of payment with room number and WiFi access.

The key card opens the main entrance door / rear building entrance and the respective room door.
In the room, please insert the card in the holder provided to switch on the electrical equipment.

Check out

To check out, please just drop the key in the mailbox next to the main entrance door or leave it in the room.

We will then invoice you for any outstanding costs as requested or send you a PayLink for online payment.